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?Cake/Fondant Topper - Bunny

Description: watch in this tutorial - How to make Fondant/Cake Topper - Bunny. You can also make this rabbit of modelling clay.

Hares are lovely animals. Rabbits also belong to hares, which is what biologists prove, but most people consider a hare a long-eared forest runner who instantly disappears from sight, sensing any danger.
1. Contrary to popular belief, hares are not vegetarians; they love to eat meat.
2. Despite the entrenched nickname "cross-eyed", hares do not suffer strabismus. The hunters nicknamed the hare cross-eyed because of its winding run and love for the confusion of tracks.
3. Hares do not leave the territory that they consider theirs, running away from danger.
4. If a hare needs to go down the slope quickly, he can do this by rolling in the manner of a bun.
5. Sometimes female hares can become pregnant again before they give birth to previous little ones.

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