The Hare's House

Description: Russian Folk Tale "The Hare’s House" tells about How the Fox kicked out the Hare from his house and how the Rooster helped him.

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Genre: video-tale
Cast: the Fox, Hare, Dog, Bear and Rooster

Our project is puppet cartoons based on favorite Russian folk tales, and the Hare’s house is one of them. Do you remember yourself playing with toys in childhood? Did you feel as if you are one of the heroes? Such games develop your kids; explain them different situations, which they see around themselves. After all, they begin to understand better what is good and what is bad. The stories about animals and people have cautionary morality, which builds child attitude to life. Visit our specialized site and watch online children's fairy tales with all your family. After that being inspired by kind stories, you can play with your child with his/her favorite toys. You can not only watch cartoons, but also create them by yourself!