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?Cake/Fondant Topper - Chicken

Description: watch in this tutorial - How to make Fondant/Cake Topper - Chicken. You can also make this chicken of modelling clay.

People tamed the chicken long time ago. But like many related birds living in the wild, the chicken does not know how to fly. Chicken is very important for the economy of different countries, it is a source of easily digestible meat and nutritious eggs.
1. Chicken lays eggs only in the light.
2. Chicken does not need a separate nest for eggs, unlike most other birds. Сhicken lays eggs in any nest that is nearby.
3. The formation of an egg inside the chicken body takes about a day.
4. The size of the chicken egg depends on the chicken breed, as well as its weight and age.
5. Ethiopia is the country where chickens were first domesticated. This happened a little less than three thousand years ago.

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