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?Cake/Fondant Topper - Hamster

Description: watch in this tutorial - How to make Fondant/Cake Topper - Hamster. You can also make this hamster of modelling clay.

 Hamsters are very popular pets in many countries. These charming animals live in houses with joy, delighting their owners with playfulness and cheerful character. Hamsters are also very common in the wild nature, however, the wild relatives of these animals sometimes differ not only by fearfulness, but also by a very harsh temper.
1. Hamsters are very different in size - the length of their body can be from 5 to 34 centimeters. And you can recognize a representative of this species by well-developed cheek pouches.
2. Hamsters swim well, and they take air into their cheekbags and use them as floats.
3. The Syrian hamster, as well as Newton's hamster are listed in the Red Book, because they were on the verge of extinction.
4. According to the law, the inhabitants of Vietnam cannot keep hamsters at home, because these animals suffer many dangerous diseases.
5. Hamsters are smart enough - they can remember their nickname, remember relatives and they can even be taught a few tricks.

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