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Modelling clay ❤Heart❤

Description: watch in this tutorial - How to make Fondant/Cake Topper - Heart. You can also make this heart of modelling clay.

1. Do you know that February 14th is not just the day of all lovers. Computer Day and founding of the YouTube service is celebrated on this day.

2. Chocolate is the favorite gift for February 14th. The first box of chocolates was invented by Richard Kalburi on Valentine's Day.

3. According to one legend, the author of one of the first valentines was Charles, Duke of Orleans, who sent the valentine in 1415 to his wife from the tower prison. Everyone today can be convinced of this - the note is stored in the British Museum.

4. The most expensive valentine was made of precious stones and gold and was presented by Aristotle Onassis to Maria Callas.

5. The Japanese consider Valentine's Day to be a men's holiday. On this day, the strong half is bestowed with gifts and congratulations. And a month later, the Japanese celebrate White Day, during which women become objects of attention and adoration.

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