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Modelling clay ?Titmouse?

Description: watch in this tutorial - How to make Fondant/Cake Topper - Titmouse. You can also make this bird of modelling clay.

Funny titmouse birds are habitual inhabitants of urban and rural areas. They eat insect pests very well.

1. The name titmouse is recorded from the 14th century, composed of the Old English name for the bird, mase and tit, denoting something small. The former spelling, "titmose", was influenced by mouse in the 16th century.

2. Little tits kill more insect pests than almost all other birds, so in rural areas they often hang feeders to lure such useful neighbors.

3. It’s very dangerous to feed the little tit with brown bread in the winter. Titmouse can die because of this.

4. In nature, these birds usually live for 2-3 years due to a difficult life, and in captivity they can live up to 15 years.

5. Some species of tits prey on small bats. Titmouses do not eat, but they peck out bat brain.

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