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? Cake/Fondant Topper - Woodpecker

Description: watch in this tutorial - How to make Fondant/Cake Topper - Woodpecker. You can also make this bird of modelling clay.

The incredible woodpecker birds are interesting in their way of life. Without feeling tired, they hammer the trees, getting their own food, and they feel wonderful at the same time. Thanks to this fact, there was even a saying about the head of a woodpecker, which never hurts. And in fact, no living creature is capable of what this bird does when it wants to eat some caterpillars or bugs.

  1. Woodpeckers have an incredibly long tongue. They can even stick it out of its beak. Moreover, the tongue of woodpeckers is sticky, which allows them to easily catch insects under the tree bark.
  2. The woodpecker’s skull protects the head from the effects of the blows. Each time a woodpecker knocks on a tree, a special muscle reflexively pushes the skull box and the brain inside it away from the beak.
  3. The cartilaginous tissue located behind the beak of the woodpecker, in front of his head takes over most of the impact energy. It is a natural shock absorber.
  4. In the mid-90s, NASA space agency had to postpone the launch of the Discovery shuttle precisely because of woodpeckers. NASA employees had to do urgent repairs, because a pair of these birds drilled about two hundred holes in the outer layer of the shuttle's insulation.
  5. Gila woodpeckers, who live in the USA and Mexico, equip their nests directly on giant spiny carnegie cacti. These woodpeckers feed mainly on insects that gnaw cacti, thereby bringing invaluable help to the plant.

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